Producers of Aquacultured Octocorals, 2020

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Aquacultured Octocorals in the Current Aquarium Trade

While far from an exhaustive listing, here are some highlights of coral farming efforts that are putting cultured octocorals into the marine aquarium marketplace at the start of 2020. Did we overlook a great commercial-scale soft coral farmer? Tell us in the comments below!

A&M Aquatics (Michigan, USA)

  • Blue Anthelia (Anthelia)
  • Madagascar Violet Cespitularia (Cespitularia)
  • Metallic Toadstool (Sarcophyton)
  • Pin Cushion Toad Stool (Sacrophyton)
  • Xenia

ACI Aquaculture (Florida, USA)

  • Kryptonite Capnella (Capnella)
  • Cespitulara sp.
  • Clavularia sp.
  • Blue Ridge Coral (Heliopora coerulea)
  • Nepthea sp.
  • Star Polyps (Pachyclavularia)
  • Long Tentacle Toadstool Star (Sarcophyton)
  • Neon Green Toadstool (Sarcophyton)
  • Sinulara sp.
  • Sympodium (Alcyonium sp.)
  • Pipe Organ Coral (Tubipora musica)
  • Xenia sp.

Biota Marine Life Nursery (Palau)

  • Starburst Polyp (Briareum)
  • Pink Kenya Tree (Capnella)
  • Palauan Pink Gorgonian (Hicksmellia)
  • Shrek Devil’s Hand Leather (Lobophytum)
  • Snowcap Toadstool (Sarcophyton)
  • Mountain Dew Toadstool (Sarcophyton)
  • Ultra Green Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton)
  • Weeping Willow Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton)
  • Alien Hands Sinularia (Sinularia)
  • Yellow/Green Sinularia (Sinularia)
  • Neon Polyp Nepthea (Sinularia)

Eye Catching Coral (Ohio, USA)

  • Blue Sympodium (Alcyonium verseveldti)
  • Green Star Polyp (Briareum sp.)
  • Blue Wave Cespitularia (Cespitularia)
  • Spellcaster Cespitularia (Cespitularia)
  • Kenya Tree (Capnella)
  • Blue Snowflake Polyp (Sarcothelia edmondsoni)
  • Xenia (Xenia)

Jason Fox Signature Corals (Maryland, USA)

  • Green Toadstool (Sacrophyton)
  • Green Sinularia (Sinularia)

LiveAquaria (Wisconsin, USA)

  • Asterospicularia (Asterospicularia)
  • Glove Polyp (Anthelia)
  • Purple Anthelia (Anthelia)
  • Blue Cespitularia (Cespitularia)
  • Purple Colt (Cladiella)
  • Neon Pineapple Tree (Capnella)
  • Taro Tree (Capnella)
  • Taylor’s Purple Tree (Capnella)
  • Heteroxenia (Heteroxenia)
  • Nephthea (Litophyton)
  • Purple Gorgonian (Pseudopterogorgia)
  • Cabbage Leather (Sinularia brassica)
  • Neon Green Sinularia (Sinularia )
  • Pipe Organ (Tubipora musica)
  • Silver Branch Xenia (Xenia elongata)
  • Red Sea (White) Pom Pom Xenia (Xenia)

ORA’s ocean-grown corals (Marshall Islands)

  • Green Star Polyps (Briareum)
  • Fuzzy Lobo (Lobophytum)
  • Green Polyp Leather (Sarcophyton)
  • Long Polyp Leather (Sacrocphyton)
  • Green Finger Leather (Sinularia)
  • Yellow Polyp Sinularia (Sinularia)

ORA’s greenhouse-grown corals (Florida, USA)

  • Clove Polyps (Anthelia)
  • Capnella (Capnella)
  • Blue Cespitularia (Cespitularia )
  • Vargas Cespitularia (Cespituaria)
  • Nephthea (Litophyton)
  • Loco Lobo (Lobophytum)
  • Grube’s Gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava)
  • Toadstool Leather (Sacrophyton)
  • Neon Green Sinularia (Sinularia)
  • Pom Pom Xenia (Xenia)
  • Pumping Xenia (Xenia)
  • Silver Xenia (Xenia)

Tidal Gardens (Ohio, USA)

  • Anthelia
  • Green Star Polyps (Briareum)
  • Kenya Tree (Capnella)
  • Blue Ridge Coral (Heliopora coerulea)
  • Neon Green Nephthea (Litophyton)
  • Devil’s Hand Leather Coral (Lobophytum)
  • Toadstool Leathers (Sarcophyton)
  • Blue Clove Polyps (Sarcothelia edmondsoni)
  • Xenia

Walt Smith International’s ocean-grown corals (Fiji)

  • Yellow Leather (Sarcophyton elegans)
  • Leather (Sarcophtyon)

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