The new Maven from Hydros and Coralvue automatically tests five mission-critical elements for successful reefkeeping.


Fully Integrated HYDROS Controller with Auto Water Testing

The HYDROS Maven is a sophisticated tool designed for saltwater aquariums that can automatically test water parameters. This device works independently, freeing users from the need to perform regular water testing, and provides greater accuracy in the process. Additionally, the Maven contributes to aquarium stability by continuously monitoring the water parameters, making it easy to manage dynamic dosing schedules and other parameters using the HYDROS System. The HYDROS Maven can automatically test Alkalinity (dKH), Nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4), Calcium (Ca), and Magnesium (Mg).


  • External cuvette (water testing chamber) for easy maintenance
  • Waterproof separation between the cuvette and the electronics
  • Color-coded reagent lines
  • Easy to install
  • Complete HYDROS integration for enhanced redundancy
  • Made in the USA

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Per the CVtv Podcast, Retail Pricing and Release Date are currently TBD. Aquarists can see the unit in action at forthcoming Reef-A-Palooza events in 2024.

Carlos and David Discuss the Maven in the CVtv Podcast Today

Watch The Video Introduction

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