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9     Editor’s Page by Marc Levenson
10     Reef Notebook
18     Reef Visions
by Matt Pedersen

24     Longnose Butterflyfishes of the Family Chaetodontidae by Daniel Knop
28     Meet the Longnose Butterflyfishes from the everyday to the unobtainium
by Daniel Knop and CORAL editors
40     The Copperband Butterflyfish — Are they that hard to keep successfully?
by Dr. Dieter Brockmann
44     Copper Mining — Breeding the Copperband Butterflyfish, Chelmon rostratus
by Matt Pedersen with Dr. Cortney Ohs
54     Diving with Bali’s Technicolored Sea Slugs­ — Don’t take them home with you!
by Werner Fiedler

64     Deepwater Reef Aquarium
by Tolga Güldaglar-Wallenwein

75     Species Spotlight: The Hippo Tang: Paracanthurus hepatus by Daniel Knop
82     Shrimps In the Marine Aquarium
by Daniel Knop
92     Advanced Aquatics:  Imagine that—everything you just read is fiction
by Matt Pedersen
104     CORAL Calendar
106     CORAL Sources: Outstanding aquarium shops
108     Coralexicon: Guide to scientific & technical terms that appear in this issue
110     Reef Marketplace: The marine products showcase
112     Advertiser Index
114     Reef life: Coleman Shrimp, Periclimenes colemani
by Alex Rose

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