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9     Editor’s Page by Matt Pedersen
10     Remembrances — A farewell to CORAL editor and publisher, James M. Lawrence
by Lou Ekus, Ret Talbot, Martin Moe and Scott Michael
18     Reef News
24     Reef Visions
by Matt Pedersen

32     Über-Algivores: The biology and captive care of Rabbitfishes (family Siganidae) by Scott W. Michael
56     Smashing Flowerpots: Sexual propagation success with Goniopora corals, interview with Don Gilson and Dr. Luchang Shao
by Matt Pedersen

70     An Italian Masterpiece for the masses: Luca Perini paints with corals
by Danilo Ronchi

85     Species Spotlight: Genus Blastomussa — Dr. Dieter Brockmann and CORAL editors
96     Advanced Aquatics: Dealing with reefkeeper burnout and re-engaging with the hobby
by Murray W. Camp
106     CORAL Sources:
Outstanding aquarium shops
108     CORALexicon:
Guide to scientific & technical terms that appear in this issue
110     Reef Marketplace:
The marine products showcase
112     Advertiser Index
114     Reef Life: Ocellaris Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris and Magnificent Sea Anemone, Heteractis magnifica
by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry P. Tackett

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