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Orlando, FL – Quality Marine, a leading supplier of marine fish and invertebrates, is set to showcase some exciting new products at Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend. Visitors to the event can expect to see a range of unique products from Tropical Marine Centre, as well as new offerings from Quality Marine themselves.

TMC Reef Pump Compact
TMC Reef Flow 2.0

Among the products being showcased are the TMC Reef Pump Compact and Reef Flow 2.0, both of which now come in nano sizes, making them perfect for smaller tanks.

TMC Vecton Titan UV Sterilizer

Also on display will be the TMC Vecton Titan range of UVs, which incorporate advanced technology into an essential piece of aquarium equipment.

Quality Marine’s Ecoscape Reef Rock is set to debut at Reefapalooza (RAP) Orlando this weekend.

In addition, Quality Marine will be introducing their new Ecoscape Reef Rock, which is hand-crafted using natural materials, and ICP tested by the batch. The rock is extremely lightweight, making it easy to create complex and interesting aquascapes.

Nutramar Gamma Shots and Pellets are a new line of aquarium feeds making their debut at RAP Orlando.

Finally, visitors will have the opportunity to check out Quality Marine’s new range of Nutramar Gamma Shot and Pellet dry foods. These foods offer a quick, easy, and enjoyable way to feed your tank, with plenty of nutritional value and attractants that fish love. The Nutramar Marine Complete and Marine Color Boost diets are complemented by the full range of Gamma frozen foods, which have been a staple in the hobby for decades.

“We’re thrilled to be showcasing these exciting new products at Reefapalooza Orlando,” said Kevin Kohen, Director of Marketing and Brand Development of Quality Marine.

Visitors to the event are encouraged to stop by booth 212 to check out these new products for themselves. For more information on Quality Marine and their range of products, visit their website at

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