Amblygobius phalaena represents the latest addition to Biota’s line of captive-bred goby offerings.

via The Biota Group

Biota is excited to introduce another new aquacultured species from Biota Palau – a working sand-sifter goby called the Sleeper Banded Goby, Amblygobius phalaena. It is also sometimes called the “Dragon” or “Bullet” goby. This is a pretty fish with a white body, dark vertical bands, and iridescent eyes. This classic utility fish’s claim to fame is that many hobbyists, over decades of aquarium keeping, have reported that this species helps to clean Cyanobacteria from the sand bed, eats filamentous algae, and even eats nuisance flatworms in the reef aquarium.

The Sleeper Banded Goby is peaceful, reef safe, and gets along great with other peaceful reef fish. Sand-sifting gobies don’t always do well in captivity when wild-caught, but Biota captive bred gobies feed on just about any fish foods offered that will fit into their mouths.

Although announcements of rare, sought-after ornamental fish species are more exciting, we feel it’s also important to aquaculture these utility species that fill a crucial role in the home aquarium. Offering a diverse array of attractive and functional fishes helps put the concept of an all-aquacultured reef tank within reach of the aquarium hobbyist.


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