Red Sea Salts have been reformulated to target specific reef aquarium scenarios while also mixing quickly.

via Red Sea

Great news – Red Sea Salts have become even better! 

With the higher dissolvability of our new & improved formula, there is no need to schedule your mixing in advance, as it now takes only 20 minutes from bucket to tank!

Red Sea Salt
Alk level 8dKH – Maximizes pigment saturation and brings out your coral’s most vivid colors, while encouraging growth up to twice the natural rate.

Coral Pro Salt
Alk level 12dKH – Has higher levels of balanced foundation elements, and enhances growth up to four times their natural rate.

Both these premium salts are harvested from the pristine water of the Red Sea, and contain a balanced concentration of all the major, minor, and trace elements found in tropical seawater. Red Sea Salt & Coral Pro Salt undergo meticulous ICP testing for each and every bucket, and deliver amazing results, especially when combined with our reef care recipes.

Check out these videos to discover some interesting facts and how to get the best results from your salt mix:

Which Red Sea salt is best for your tank?

To easily achieve your reefing goals check out Red Sea’s new MyRecipe™ wizard, which recommends the optimal water parameters, supplementing program and premium salt that is best for you.


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