Can you name the species of this coral, seen here in a rare color form at ACI Aquaculture in Plant City, Florida. Image by Amanda Meckley.

Excerpt from CORAL Magazine, November/December 2022
Reef Visions, Edited by Matt Pedersen
ACI’s Chris Meckley

Fragile Mushroom Coral
Cycloseris fragilis

ACI Aquaculture
Plant City, Florida

Geographic Origin: Indo-Pacific
Light Level: Low to Moderate
Flow Level: Moderate
Care Level: Intermediate

Notes: This coral is commonly referred to as a plate coral in the aquarium hobby. Its scientific name has changed from Diaseris fragilis to Cycloseris fragilis.

According to Chris Meckley at ACI: This LPS species’ coral skeleton is fragile, as noted in its name. It generally grows in a circular form made up of wedge-shaped portions that are clearly visible; these natural divisions can be used to fragment and propagate the coral with little effort. This species is also known to inflate its polyp to try to move itself to a desired location.

This particular specimen is a wild import, and is not being farmed at ACI.

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CORAL Magazine, November/December 2022: from which this excerpt is taken

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