Author Russell Kelley, right, leading a stony-coral identification workshop using his popular BYO (Be Your Own Guide) handbook.

Australian reef naturalist and CORAL contributor Russell Kelley has published a completely revised & up-to-date 5th edition of the book that takes the mystery out of coral ID.

Via BYO Guides:

The Indo-Pacific Coral Finder delivers easy genus level coral ID anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island.

The new, revised and updated Be Your Own CORAL ID Guide. US price, delivered: $56.26.

Includes more than 1,700 images & expanded genus coverage. Updated to reflect molecular taxonomy as of March 2022. Includes bibliography to molecular literature. Twice the visual coverage (80 pages) of Coral Finder 3.0 Not for underwater use.

Now available! Available for quick ship to North American addresses.

Highly Acclaimed!

Welcome to BYOGUIDES home to the unique FINDER series of ID tools for scientists, students, divers, dive companies, naturalists, resource managers & marine professionals.

All BYOGUIDES products have an innovative VISUAL INDEX system that empowers you to identify marine beasties without training or formal biological knowledge. They are designed to empower the next generation of divers to explore the underwater world for themselves – to BE YOUR OWN GUIDE – literally.

Our mission is to empower the user to take advantage of the visual supercomputer we all carry around – the human eye and brain. With a BYOGUIDE you can make powerful decisions visually without reference to ugly Latin terms or arcane knowledge. 


“Difficulties in identifying corals underwater have been hampering coral enthusiasts and researchers alike for decades. I feel that the Coral Finder is a huge leap ahead. It is exceptionally well designed and easy to master. It is also timely, as the need for accurate survey has never been so pressing. I strongly endorse it for use anywhere in the Indo-Pacific.”
Prof. J.E.N. Veron
Author Corals of the World, former Chief Scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science

“An extraordinary tool for coral identification!! My research wouldn’t be the same without it!”

Chancey MacDonald
California Academy of Sciences

“We use the Coral Finder across our entire aquarium business and our collectors, aquarists and facility staff find it very easy to use. There is no other tool for quick and easy coral identification.”

Lyle Squire, Jr.
Director, Cairns Marine, Australia’s largest aquarium exporter

Order direct from the author/publisher.

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