The 60-gallon breeder, on display at the Aquatic Expo.
The 60-gallon breeder, on display at the Aquatic Expo.

We first encountered Aqueon’s new 60-gallon breeder aquarium at MASNA’s Aquatic Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Seeing the aquarium, it was a bit of a “Why didn’t they make that sooner?!” type moment.

The 60-gallon breeder is not an “extension” of the standard 40-gallon breeder’s dimensions as one might initially suspect from the “breeder” moniker. Rather, the 60-gallon breeder is a standard 75-gallon aquarium, just not quite as tall.

The 60-gallon breeder from Aqueon measures 48.5″ x 18.5″ x 16″. A 75-gallon measures 48.5″ x 18.5″ x 21.25″. As such, all the ancillary equipment, such as stands and glass canopies, are interchangeable between these models.

Aqueon's new 60-gallon Breeder.
Aqueon’s new 60-gallon Breeder.

Speaking with Aqueon’s Andy Hudson at the Aquatic Expo, the value of this slightly shorter aquarium became apparent. The slight reduction in height allows for manageable rack systems that stack aquariums three tanks high, particularly in areas with lower overhead space. It may only be a few inches difference, but when vertical space is a factor, or if you happen to have shorter arms, the new 60-gallon breeder format may be the perfect tank for your application.

You can find this new model as part of Aqueon’s standard glass rectangle aquarium series on their website.

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