After watching Than Thein explain it, you'll understand just how naughty it is to say, "Wow that's a stunning Scoly!"
After watching Than Thein explain it, you’ll understand just how naughty it is to say, “Wow that’s a stunning Scoly!”

Sorry to disappoint if our title leads you to believe that Tidal Garden’s Than Thein was about to trash-talk the practice of giving corals catchy cultivar names and sky-high price tags that may, or may not, be justified!

Instead, Thein’s overview of coral-related taxonomic shuffling is insightful and a pleasure to watch. While a recent Internet meme suggests that “Hell” will be filled with people who capitalize the species name in binomial nomenclature, perhaps all it will take to keep you out of reef-keeper purgatory is an understanding that when you check out someone’s super-hot “Scoly” you’ll know what you’re really looking at!

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Be sure to check out the Tidal Garden’s YouTube Channel for more great content from Than Thein!

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