Aquarists may enjoy following a baby Valentini Pufferfish, Canthigaster valentini, through its first year of life on the Great Barrier reef in the new documentary PUFF: Wonders of the Reef, coming December 16, 2021, to Netflix.

via Netflix

Follow a baby pufferfish through a vibrant coral reef as he learns to survive and thrive through his first year of life – an extraordinary journey for a little fish that starts out smaller than a human fingernail. For the first time, scientists, cinematographers, and documentary filmmakers have combined their skills to transport us into Puff’s tiny world – a world where drama unfolds on scales too fast, too slow, or too small for the human eye to perceive.

Narrated by internationally-renowned Australian actress Rose Byrne, this is the story of the tiny, often overlooked creatures that live in one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, and the interconnectedness of life that links our world to theirs. Filmed in Australia on The Great Barrier Reef, the sophisticated super macro techniques specifically developed for the film will immerse viewers in the exquisite world on the reef’s tiny, weird, and wonderful inhabitants.

Directed by Nick Robinson of Wild Pacific Media, creators behind award-winning documentary films, Australia’s Ocean Odyssey, Kakadu, and Life on the Reef. Cinematography by Pete West of BioQuest Studios, world leaders in the most advanced technologies in underwater filmmaking and photography.

Puff: Wonders of the Reef (previously known as Microworlds: Reef) is Netflix’s first Australian Original documentary.


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