Tal Sweet (left), Aquarist of the Year, and Alf Jacob Nilsen, MASNA Award recipient for 2020.
Tal Sweet (left), Aquarist of the Year, and Alf Jacob Nilsen, MASNA Award recipient for 2020. Who will you nominate for this recognition in 2021?


via Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA)

Annually, MASNA awards the prestigious MASNA Award and Aquarist of the Year Award to deserving individuals for their work in helping shape and influence the marine aquarium hobby in a way that positively contributes to the ongoing sustainability of the hobby to the future marine environment.

Once again in 2021, our 27th year, MASNA intends to recognize two leaders in the marine aquarium world with these celebrated awards. MASNA bestows these recognitions to individuals for their contributions to the marine aquarium industry, their scientific advancements, or their impact on the saltwater and reef-keeping hobby.

These awards are presented at MASNA’s annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in September. To be eligible for one of these awards, an individual must first be nominated for consideration by current MASNA members, no later than June 20th, 2021.

Together with MASNA, previous recipients of the MASNA Award and Aquarist of the Year Award confer to decide who has given the most to the hobby and industry to be deserving of that years’ awards. The 2021 nomination process is now underway and will remain open through June 20th for MASNA members.

The MASNA Award and the Aquarist of the Year Award are announced each year at MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) and awarded during the Saturday session on September 4, 2021.

Current MASNA members are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals for consideration for the 2021 MASNA Award or 2021 Aquarist of the Year Award on MASNA’s website at either page linked below.

About MASNA, Marine Aquarium Societies of North America

MASNA is a non-profit organization composed of marine aquarium clubs, individual hobbyists, and industry partners from North American and abroad, totaling several thousand individuals.

MASNA Goals are to:

  • Educate our members with online and published material, the MACNA conference, and other sanctioned events,
  • Assist in forming and promoting the growth of clubs within the hobby while ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment,
  • Support the efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine organisms through education, assistance, and encouragement, and
  • Encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding/propagation efforts.

MASNA’s charter and additional information about MASNA can be found at https://masna.org/aboutus.

MASNA - Marine Aquarium Societies of North America


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