Accurate. Smart. Intuitive. The ReefDose dosing pump system is coming, from Red Sea.
Accurate. Smart. Intuitive. The ReefDose dosing pump system is coming, from Red Sea.

via Red Sea

Red Sea’s long-awaited ReefDose has finally arrived!

Designed from the bottom up specifically for reef aquariums, ReefDose comes with 2 or 4 bespoke (patent-pending) dosing heads that are so precise, they keep a consistent daily dosing schedule to the accuracy of a single drop.

ReefDose offers a variety of easy-set, smart dosing options for each head, that are automatically combined into a coordinated daily dosing schedule for the complete device.

Operated through the ReefBeat App, the ReefDose’s full suite of features will simplify any dosing routine: from being notified when to restock your supplements, to automatically compensating any doses that may get missed during the day.

Check it out:

The ReefDose features include:

  • 4 Automatic dosing programs – Single dose, Hourly dose, Custom dose, Timer schedule Automated scheduling – combines all your dosing heads programs into one coordinated schedule.
  • Missed dose compensation – compensates scheduled doses that you may have missed due to unplanned events.
  • Supplement volume monitor – notifies you in advance when it’s time for a re-fill.
  • 3 Dosing flow rates – including a “whisper” mode for quieter operation.
  • Dosing queue & dosing log – See your heads’ upcoming scheduled doses, and review a detailed record of your dosing activity.
  • Food head – set any head as a “Food Head” to trigger “Feed mode” in the ReefBeat App (which can be programmed to turn off all pumps prior to dosing).

Smooth operation and maintenance:

  • Easy assembly click-on/off dosing heads (no tools or alignment required).
  • Lab grade glass 5ml measuring cylinder included.
  • Wall-mounting bracket included.
  • Designed to work sitting on any surface, in any orientation.
  • Seamless integration with other ReefBeat devices.

Pricing and specifications:

  • ReefDose 2 features 2 heads, and MAP $229 (special promotional $205 MAP through June, 2021)
  • ReefDose 4 features 4 heads, and MAP $349 (special promotional $315 MAP through June, 2021)
  • Note: tubing is not included

For a complete dosing solution, Red Sea is also offering a deluxe 4-color tube accessory kit, providing everything you need to set up your dosing system. Available in 2 unique color schemes for a full dosing program.

With two available color schemes, up to 8 distinct tubing colors can help you keep track of individual dosing lines.

For the full specs, visit our ReefDose product page.

Add ReefDose to your Red Sea aquarium with the MyREEFER online wizard, and watch your savings grow:

Happy Reefkeeping,
The Red Sea Team


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