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Click cover to order this back issue for your CORAL collection.



9 Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
10 Reef News:
CORAL staff reports
18 Reef Visions
by Matt Pedersen

26 Host Anemones — Iconic wonders of the reef—as mesmerizing and mysterious as ever
by Joyce D. Wilkerson
40 Clownfish-Hosting Anemones — An aquarist’s guide to the species and the symbiotic partners they serve
by Joyce D. Wilkerson with the CORAL Magazine staff
50 The Forgotten Anthozoans — How clownfish-hosting sea anemones became some of the most under-studied animals on tropical coral reefs
by Benjamin M. Titus, Ph.D.
58 Skunked! Seduced by the lovely Phalerebus anemonefishes
by Scott W. Michael

76 Neptune’s Garden — A new home brings the chance of a lifetime to build a dream reef
by Stefan Betzenhauser

85 Species Spotlight: Goldflake Angelfish: Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus
by Daniel Knop
91 Reefkeeping 101: Reef Reboot — Overrun by pests? How to give second life to a failing aquarium
by Thomas Frerichs
96 Advanced Aquatics: Zen & The Art of Anemone Keeping — “Have patience” and other actinian lessons
by Matt Pedersen
104 CORAL sources:
Outstanding aquarium shops
106 Coralexicon:
Technical terms that appear in this issue
108 Reef Marketplace:
The marine products showcase
110 Letter From Europe
by Daniel Knop
112 Advertiser Index
114 Reef Life:
by Larry P. Tackett and Denise Nielsen Tackett

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