If you’re looking for a little inspiration, Happy Nguyen’s YouTube Channel has what you need!

There one consistent theme to Thai aquarist Happy Nguyen’s reef aquariums: floating reef support structures that are mounted to well hidden anchor points. This allows shelves and fingers of coral to reach out over expanses of unfettered substrate underneath. While Nguyen has several aquariums, three were selected for introduction here.

Be sure to have a look at the 40 “Showstopper”…

The 24″

Nguyen’s 24″ features a floating shelf of coral affixed to a single PVC standpipe in the back left quadrant of the tank.! Here’s a well-grown-in video of the reef in 2019:

And here is the same reef, shown from inception through to early grow-out (so you can see how it was acheived)

The 48 Multi-Level Drop Off Reef

The tank structure itself is rather remarkable. It features not one, but two “drop offs”, further combined with an “L” shaped footprint!

All grown in….

The 40″, A Showstopper

A glimpse at one more showsstopping reef tank from Nguyen. The 40″ features an impressive mountain of SPS, seemingly floating over the bottom of the aquarium.

Be sure to check out Happy Nguyen’s YouTube Channel for even more aquariums and videos! Tell us, which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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