Due to ongoing pandemic concerns, MACNA will again be held as a virtual event in 2021, with a plan to return to an in-person format in 2022.
Due to ongoing pandemic concerns, MACNA will again be held as a virtual event in 2021, with a plan to return to an in-person format in 2022.

via Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA)

MACNA 2021 now virtual, MACNA in Atlanta, GA to be rescheduled, MACNA 2021 Sponsorships, Booths, & Tickets transferred to an in-person MACNA 2022.

Dear MACNA 2021 Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Guests,

Once again, the safety of the entire world, our nation, and our marine aquarium community is paramount to the MASNA Board and the MACNA 2021 committee. It is essential that we continue to limit our unnecessary travel to allow for the continued suppression of the spread of the pandemic.

As such, as the leading marine aquarium education organization in our science based community, we cannot in good conscience ask thousands of you to once again risk your lives and those of your loved ones to travel across the state, country, and world to Atlanta, Georgia later this summer.

After feedback from many of our sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and meeting with both venues, we have decided that MACNA in Atlanta, GA will be rescheduled to a later date, and all MACNA 2021 booths and tickets will have their credit transferred to an in-person MACNA 2022.

MACNA 2022 will be publicly announced on April 19, 2021.

After the hugely successful virtual MACNA 2020 Phoenix Rising, and mini MACNA, the MACNA 2021 committee will be working in the coming weeks to put together a virtual program to be held during the same dates as MACNA 2021, September 3-5, so that we can still come together for the Education, Trade, and Community that so much of us need in this trying time.

We’d like to thank the marine aquarium industry & community for your support during these past months, and for helping us make this decision. MASNA is actively working with all parties in Atlanta to reschedule the facilities for a future date.

We encourage marine aquarium clubs to utilize our MASNA Speaks program in order to offset the cost of bringing MACNA quality speakers to their next virtual club meeting. Through our MASNA Speaks program, remote presentations are reimbursable up to $100, for speakers using on-line or teleconferencing delivery methods. More information can be found here: www.masna.org/club-resources/masna-speaks-2

Want to contact us with regards to MACNA? Use our contact form here: www.macna.org/contact-us

Want to make a tax deductible donation to MASNA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit? Find out more information here: www.macna.org/donate-to-masna

-MASNA Board of Directors

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