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9 Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
10 Reef News:
CORAL staff reports
18 Reef Visions
by Matt Pedersen

26 Survival Strategies — Reef symbiosis, commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism
by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry P. Tackett
46 Holey Matrimony — Partners for survival: a guide to the shrimp gobies and their partners in life
by Scott W. Michael

74 Butterfly Effect Reef — A chance encounter with Chelmon rostratus— and the rest is history
by Thomas Brand

83 Species Spotlight: Long-tentacle Plate Coral: Heliofungia actiniformis
by Scott W. Michael
89 Reefkeeping 101: out of the darkness — An open-minded approach to reefscaping — A primer on water flow in the marine aquarium, Part V
by Daniel Knop
94 Advanced Aquatics: What’s it all about, Alpheidae? A look at shrimps that produce a shockwave able to break glass and flashes of light hotter than the sun
by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.
104 CORAL sources: Outstanding aquarium shops
106 CORALexicon:
Technical terms that appear in this issue
108 Reef Marketplace:
The marine products showcase
110 Letter From Europe
by Daniel Knop
112 Advertiser Index
114 Reef Life
by Larry P. Tackett and Denise Nielsen Tackett

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