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ELOS is announcing a NEW Innovative Coral Food, a micro plankton nano-tech formulation for LPs and SPS corals.

New Sience.M1 Coral Food from ELOS
New Sience.M1 Coral Food from ELOS

ELOS svC Science M1 MICRO-zooplankton for SPS and LPS

It is now well known that even the most delicate species of SPS and LPS feed on particulate targets.

Foods that should have a very fine consistency and, in order to ensure maximum absorption by the polyps of these “static” corals, should remain in suspension fluctuating for as long as possible.

Food that dissolve in a very short time cause an increase in water pollution and become a source of waste that is soon removed by our skimmers.

Highlights of the new Sience.M1 coral food from ELOS
Highlights of the new Sience.M1 coral food from ELOS

ELOS sv Science M1, in contrast, is designed to remain in suspension without dissolving for more than 45-60 minutes. This guarantees its total absorption by the filter feeders that populate our tanks, thus reducing the possible causes of organic pollution without therefore contributing to raising the DOC level and even less the PO4 level, thus making it possible to use less powerful skimmers, lights. less powerful, and less complex filtering systems.

This is an innovation that only our laboratories have been able to develop after years of research.

ELOS sv SCIENCE M1 is a high-concentrated bio-engineered marine zooplankton supplement ideal for SPS and LPS feeding. It contains a multitude of organic nutrients as well as vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. Its use produces, in a matter of days visible and rapid results beneficial to the animals we maintain in our aquariums.


  • exclusive formula, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • can be used both for filtrating corals, SPS, LPS.
  • Can also be used as food for small fishes. Nutritional values are excellent
  • remains in suspension for over 45-60 minutes without dissolving


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