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9 Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
10 Reef News:
CORAL staff reports
18 Reef Visions
by Matt Pedersen

26 Spawning Nights — Planned ex situ Acropora reproduction: A decade of coral love-making
by Jamie Craggs, Ph.D.
40 Ripe For Innovation — Coral sex in the aquarium
by Richard Ross
56 Coral Whispering — Spawning is one thing, then there is the morning after
by Keri O’Neil

70 Blooming Reef — Surrounded by tulip fields, the flourishing Dutch reef of a veteran aquarist and master tugboat pilot
by Ab Ras

78 Species Spotlight: Whitebarred (Mystery) Wrasse: Pseudocheilinus ocellatus
by Scott W. Michael
89 Reefkeeping 101: Creating Gyres in a Box A primer on water flow in the marine aquarium, Part IV
by Daniel Knop
94 Advanced Aquatics: Tridacna squamosina – First encounters with a Red Sea rarity
by James W. Fatherree with additional images by Amanda Meckley
104 CORAL sources: Outstanding aquarium shops
106 CORALexicon:
Technical terms that appear in this issue
108 Reef Marketplace:
The marine products showcase
110 Letter From Europe
by Daniel Knop
112 Advertiser Index
114 Reef Life
by Larry P. Tackett and Denise Nielsen Tackett

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