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One base, three arching branches, as support rod, and a cap stone (not shown) are the core components in CaribSea’s Liferock Reef Tree Kits.

The Newest LifeRock Offering: Reef Tree Kit

Creating amazing branching and sprawling pillars of reefscape with many places for mounting corals has never been easier. With CaribSea’s new Reef Tree LifeRock kits, what used to take hours of hunting for the right live rock pieces and the laborious work of drilling through stone now takes just seconds to unbox and assemble in endless unique configurations.

The core kit consists of a base rock with multiple pre-drilled holes, a support rod, three three arch/branch type pieces, also pre-drilled in multiple locations, and a smaller cap piece. Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) suggests that the LifeRock Reef Tree, when assembled, will range from 15 to 20 inches in competed height, and roughly 18 inches in width. Overall, while weight varies, BRS suggests that each kit is approximately 30-35 lbs.

Three sample configurations, all made from the same 4 rocks, demonstrating the versatility of the LifeRock Reef Tree kit.
Three sample configurations, all made from the same 4 rocks, demonstrating the versatility of the LifeRock Reef Tree kit.

Additional expansion kits are also available, and these can allow for further placements or give the option of swapping out one section with a new, empty one, allowing for easy coral maintenance, as astutely pointed out by Eat Sleep Reef.

See It in Action

Check out this firsthand video from Eat Sleep Reef that shows just how easy it is to set up a Reef Tree in any number of configurations.

What is LifeRock?

LifeRock™ begins as a sunlit piece of Pleistocene-era seafloor thriving with living creatures. Over the next 100 millennia and the retreat of the ocean, this ancient piece of seafloor, now well inland, has formed a pure, aragonite-bearing rock. This clean base rock is 97% calcium carbonate with minor and trace elements such as strontium, magnesium, and barium. This base has an amazing 50% void space, which will provide a residence for billions of water-purifying bacteria. LifeRock™ is infused with bacteria using AragAlive™ technology, which results in a reduction of traditional cycling times. Each piece of LifeRock™ has multiple engineered aragonite coatings that not only maintain the extensive macro-and micro- porosity but yield the soft muted colors of a living reef. LifeRock™ is a superior rock of true marine origin without hitchhikers, organics, or algae. No curing is required. With LifeRock™ you will get the look of an established reef from Day 1.


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