Time for a water change? Cobalt can help!
Time for a water change? Cobalt can help!

via Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt AQUA SPONGE MATS are the ultimate addition to your aquarium maintenance arsenal. The highly absorbent, dense microfiber material can absorb up to one gallon of water per five square feet. The bottom of the mat is coated with a non-skid, rubberized backing, with a waterproof seal around the entire perimeter. This thorough bond keeps water in the mat and not on the floor below! The contemporary color and design looks great with almost any décor and appeals to the fish geek in all of us! It is available in three sizes to fit any tank, room, or décor. Aqua Sponge Mats are the perfect addition to your fish-room maintenance, keeping everything dry and neat! They are machine washable. Three sizes, with retail prices from about $40 to $100+.

L – 36″ x 20″
XL – 24″ x 48″
XXL – 30″ x 58″

Watch The Mat In Action

See more at https://www.cobaltaquatics.com/collections/lights-cabinets-accessories-1/products/aqua-sponge-mat


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