Bubbletip Sea Anemone (BTA), Entacmaea quadricolor, imported and photographed by ACI Aquaculture in Plant City, Florida.

In the next issue of CORAL, Sr. Editor Matt Pedersen interviews Chris Meckley, founder of ACI Aquaculture in Plant City, Florida, to discuss his nine years of professional experience importing, among other things, the Bubble Tip Anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor.

This specimen, a recent import from Indonesia, is a true gem. Says Meckley, “For every 100 that come in, maybe 1 is spectacular, and that’s out of the other 900 that were left in the reef because they were ‘ugly’.” Meckley will reveal his hard-earned secrets for maximizing the survival of freshly imported Bubble Tip Anemones, an even greater challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All will be revealed, exclusively in the pages of the November/December 2020 issue of CORAL. Subscribe now to ensure you receive this issue.

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