ORA’s latest introduction is a captive-bred Chalk Bass, Serranus tortugarum, one of the more difficult-to-produce pelagic spawning marine fishes.

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The newest release in the ORA lineup of aquacultured species is here, and it’s one that can’t be overlooked! The ORA Chalk Bass (Serranus tortugarum) boasts a striking teal-and-pink coloration highlighted by a bold bar pattern running throughout its body and dorsal fin.

Don’t let its small stature fool you; these fish are BIG on personality, and once acclimated into your home aquarium, they can put on quite a show. Their resilience, peaceful temperament, small size, and vibrant coloration make this Caribbean species an excellent candidate for all experience levels within the hobby. They make a perfect addition to any home aquarium in need of flashy color and captivating personality in systems as small as 30 gallons.

Topping out at about 4” in length, ORA Chalk Bass are not known to be aggressive towards tankmates or a threat to corals; however, as with most bass, they may prey on small invertebrates that can easily fit in their mouths.

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Editor’s Note: In an interesting and exciting series of events, Bocas Mariculture succeeded in the first captive-breeding success of this species, only weeks before ORA privately shared their own success. CORAL editors are currently producing a joint interview with the two professional aquarists, Till Deuss (Bocas) and Adam Heinrich (ORA), who are responsible for this nearly simultaneous accomplishment. This interview will be published in the November/December 2023 issue of CORAL.

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