MACNA 2021 announced for September 3-5 in Atlanta, Georgia.

MACNA 2021 announced for September 3–5 in Atlanta, Georgia.

via Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA)

Welcome to MACNA 2021: Protecting Our Passion.

Returning to Atlanta for the first time in 13 years, MACNA 2021 will be the 33rd annual MACNA.

MACNA 2021 will take place at the Georgia International Convention Center from September 3–5, 2021, with hotel rooms available at the Atlanta Airport Marriott and Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway.

MASNA is proud to announce that the theme for MACNA 2021 will be “Protecting our Passion.” Promoting the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby, supporting captive breeding/propagation efforts, and sustainable collection are at the fore of MASNA’s goals, and MASNA will be focusing on the efforts in our industry that are protecting our passion and ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment.

Many of the MACNA 2021 presentations and workshops will be centered around protecting our passion, and we hope that the exhibitors and attendees can join us in the promotion and advocacy of our message.

By continuing to support MASNA & MACNA, you show the marine aquarium industry that you too support MACNA’s mission of Education, Trade, and Community, as well as the goals and programs of MASNA. As we travel and continue to share our passion for our industry, we hope that you can join us on this mission and share your love of our hobby.

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Save the date - MACNA 2021, September 3-5 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Save the date: MACNA 2021, September 3–5 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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