Reef Nutrition's Oyster-Feast®, Phyto-Feast®, Roti-Feast® and R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs™ now last even longer!

Reef Nutrition’s Oyster-Feast®, Phyto-Feast®, Roti-Feast®, and R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs™ now last even longer!

via Reef Nutrition

Reef Nutrition® customers are getting even more value now from four of their popular super-concentrated foods. “Best By” dates have increased to nine months for Phyto-Feast®, Roti-Feast®, R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs™, and Oyster-Feast®.

Reef Nutrition’s “concentrates” are refrigerated liquid food that provide highly concentrated nutrition for the vast majority of aquarium animals. Intact organisms in the products encapsulate their full nutritional value, providing superior nutrition and keeping tanks clear. These easy-to-use foods require no thawing or mixing and are always available.

R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs, harvested from cold-water fish, are ideal for aquarium fish, corals, and other invertebrates. Oyster-Feast is a unique mix of oyster eggs and oyster ovarian tissue—the richest nutritional parts—for the smallest SPS corals up to LPS corals and invertebrates. It is also a great feed-stimulant. Phyto-Feast, a marine microalgal blend, contains six of the most commonly used algae for aquaculturing marine species and is perfect for corals, sponges, tunicates, sea fans, feather stars, bi-valves, and more. Roti-Feast is a highly nutritious plankton feed with 5 million fully intact Brachionus plicatilis marine rotifers and eggs per 6-oz. bottle—the ideal food for many invertebrates and small planktivorous fish.

“Nothing can compare to the growth and color we get from Reef Nutrition concentrated foods. The extended Best By dates mean more for my money and no waste!” said Corey Dale, owner, Budman’s Coral.

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