Eyes of a mantis shrimp, one of the video exploration chapters in Sir David Attenborough’s new interactive coral reef production.

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via AFP Relaxnews

The greatest living narrator of nature documentaries has just the answer for independent reef explorations at home.

Sir David Attenborough takes young and old alike on an interactive journey through the Great Barrier Reef that takes viewers on a virtual dive through the world’s largest coral reef system.

It’s not all new. But this may be as good a time as any to revisit “David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef,” released a few years ago.

For adults, it’s a virtual escape from the walls of your home. For kids, it doubles as an escape and educational tool that should keep them occupied for a while.

Visitors board the virtual Alucia expedition vessel and make their way to different points throughout the reef along Australia’s coast. The journey is divided into five chapters, starting with “The Perfect Reef,” then moving through “Understanding the Reef,” “The Global Reef,” and “The Future Reef,” and ending with “Get Involved.”

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