Brad Bessett of Dallas, Texas, works on his reef, and uses ICP testing to check water chemistry levels. Image by Michael Vargas from May/June 2020 Coral Magazine.

Business as usual in unusual times.
Stay Safe. Love Your Reef.

We hope that you and yours are well and safe during these unusual times.

CORAL magazine was launched into the teeth of the 2008 recession, and we quickly found that people have enduring attachments to their aquariums, fish, corals, and all pets, even through challenging times. They have more time to spend with pets and home-based passions. We happen to know they also read and dream more.

CORAL, May/June 2020 Issue, featuring Scott Michael’s look at the sand-diving wrasses known as razorfish.

This is let you know that CORAL will continue to publish on schedule, in our established Print, Digital, and App Editions through whatever challenges confront us all. Our far-flung team is already up to speed on working remotely, and we are assured that our essential suppliers are all taking steps to serve readers, local aquarium shops, and advertisers without interruption.

For the record, the network of people working to produce the next CORAL stretches from Vermont and New Hampshire to Sanibel Island, Florida, to the UK, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, and Hawai’i, as well as Nebraska, Virginia, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, California, and many other places. Working via email, telephone, and cloud file sharing is standard operating procedure for the CORAL crew, and our next issue is on track and on time despite the global pandemic that challenges all of us.

Please be safe. Watch your fish and corals. Stay strong.

James Lawrence
Editor & Publisher
for the CORAL Crew

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