CORAL, May/June 2020 Issue, featuring a revolution in water testing for aquarists.

CORAL, May/June 2020 Issue, featuring a revolution in water testing for aquarists.

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SEA CHANGE: See how ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometry) analysis is revolutionizing reefkeeping. Felicia McCaulley investigates the rapidly expanding array of new water testing tools available to aquarists in a CORAL Special Report. Matt Pedersen looks at survey responses from more than a thousand serious reefkeepers on why and how they are using ICP test services to enhance coral growth and colors, as well as for essential troubleshooting. (Hint: They are not abandoning their traditional testing habits.)

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The May/June Issue also covers:

• The Razorfishes or sand-diving wrasses hold a special fascination for bestselling author Scott Michael, who introduces the Tribe Novaculini, including the genera Cymolutes, Iniistius, Novaculicthys, and Xyrichthys—all eminently worth knowing.

• Keeping and feeding Menella, among the most-glorious gorgonians available to aquarists. Daniel Knop and Miriam Reusche look at their biology, feeding, and propagation—increasingly possible with better technology and foods for non-photosynthetic (NPS) corals.

• Hear the captivating but sometimes painful story of how Dara Nowak achieved success in Diary of a Mad Reefkeeper, with a profile of her thriving and still-evolving 400-L (105-gallon) coral-filled marine system.

• PLUS: Spectacular imagery by Werner Fiedler of fluorescent reef animals, a primer on the essential refugium, good news from the world of marine ornamental aquaculture, and much more…

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