Reef Kinetics has announced the ReefBot Pro, with first units arriving in April, 2020.

Reef Kinetics has announced the ReefBot Pro, with the first units arriving in April 2020.

via Reef Kinetics

The ReefBot Pro Is Here

Yes, you read that correctly. “The Beast” is here. With its 21 vials, the ReefBot Pro can test multiple tanks at the same time, and it can also be scheduled to test all nine parameters sequentially, without you having to manually intervene at all, as the 21 vials can accommodate all the reagents!

What It Does

The ReefBot Pro is the only automated water-testing device in the industry that’s capable of testing multiple tanks simultaneously!

The ReefBot Pro measures the levels of the most common tank parameters: Alkalinity (KH), Calcium (CA), Magnesium (Mg), Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), Phosphate (PO4), Ammonia (NH3), Copper (Cu), and Iodine (I2).


  • Monitors your tank parameters
  • Tests your samples faster than ever
  • Tests multiple water sources
  • Supports multiple test kits – Salifert, Elos, Red Sea, Geismann, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, and API
  • Tests all the parameters sequentially, without manual intervention
  • Easy setup on any tank
  • Controlled by Reef Kinetics Cloud Controller app
A look under the hood at the new ReefBot Pro from Reef Kinetics.

A look under the hood at the new ReefBot Pro from Reef Kinetics.

Introductory Offer

We are giving early adopters the opportunity to pre-order their ReefBot Pro for a special price. The first batch of pre-orders will receive $400 off, making the price $2,599 instead of the regular $2,999 (which the device will retail for). The pre-ordered devices will be delivered in mid-April 2020.

To pre-order now, click on the link below:

Units are limited, so make sure you pre-order today to save $400 and guarantee you will be among the very first in the world to get their hands on the ReefBot Pro!

Learn more about the ReefBot Pro


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