TRITON launches US-based lab to dramatically improve test result timing and reduce shipping costs.

TRITON launches U.S.-based lab to dramatically improve test-result timing and reduce shipping costs.

via TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience

America – The wait is over!

As of January 20th, U.S. consumers can have their water tested and results uploaded within as little as 48 hours!

The grand opening of our long-awaited TRITON Lab at Unique Corals in Los Angeles has finally arrived. Customers can enjoy water analysis results and TRITON’s unique AI recommendations within 48 hours of samples being received at our Los Angeles lab.

Along with rapid results and recommendations, all samples will now ship FREE back to the TRITON U.S. Lab via USPS. A first-class return postage label is included in every testing kit.

New TRITON ICP-OES water testing lab at Unique Corals.

New TRITON ICP-OES water-testing lab at Unique Corals.

Simply peel off the label, affix it onto the box, drop it off in any mailbox, or give it to your mailman. Depending on your geographical location, the test will arrive at the lab within 1-3 working days.

The TRITON ICP-OES water analysis is not only about testing 36 aquarium parameters; more importantly, it is about providing customers with a deeper understanding of how these parameters affect their reef aquariums. With TRITON U.S. Lab testing, customers will receive analysis derived from the most qualified aquarium experts, with the highest quality of service and advice. Triton testing is based on information derived from the world’s biggest and fastest-growing database of aquarium lab analysis. TRITON’s unique recommendation system provides the user with easy-to-follow solutions based on test results, prioritized based on level of importance. Dropdown tabs let you choose between habitats and problems commonly encountered to ensure that suggestions and solutions are customized for each client. Armed with knowledge, users can take informed and immediate action.

If you require further help, our expert support team at the TRITON Help Desk ( is available to help you with any questions.

Joseph Caparatta, Ehsan Dashti and Julian Baggio, the people behind bringing TRITON to the US.

Joseph Caparatta, Ehsan Dashti, and Julian Baggio, the people behind bringing TRITON to the U.S.


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