The new blue-tinged Snow Storm Clownfish from ORA. Image courtesy Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums, Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Among three new offerings of designer clownfish, ORA is presenting the Snow Storm Ocellaris, which sports iridescent traces of blue at the bases of its fins, on its lips and over the eyes. These characteristics vary from fish to fish and are not yet fixed in the strain—presenting a challenge to interested Amphiprion breeders. Other New Introductions from Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums are the Black Storm and Black Frostbite Ocellaris.

—via ORA

ORA Snow Storms are Amphiprion ocellaris that inherited copies of both the Storm and Snowflake pattern genes.

The fish are distinct from other white varieties of clownfish in that each fin is primarily black and their facial pigment is restricted to the lips and their pronounced, black eyes. These fish are also adorned with icy blue hues along the edges of their black fins and lips. With their crisp white color, flashy fins and spooky faces, these fish have quickly become a favorite at our hatchery.

ORA Snow Storms were first created by crossing a Black Storm male to a female Black Snowflake. Because the Snow Storm phenotype occurs in fish that inherited two dominant pattern mutations, specifically Snowflake and Storm, they can produce Snowflakes, Storms and Snow Storm offspring.

ORA Snow Storms were first created by crossing a Black Storm male to a female Black Snowflake.

ORA Snow Storm Clownfish Profile

New ORA Fishes

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