ReefBot Pro commercial water testing unit unveiled at MACNA 2019 in Orlando.

via Reef Kinetics

Orlando, Florida – Reef Kinetics is proud to announce the development of the “ReefBot Pro”, aimed mainly at satisfying the testing needs of local fish stores. With its 21 vials, ReefBot Pro can test a high number of parameters from multiple water sources at the same time, making it an ideal addition to any store. When customers visit the store to request customized testing for their water samples; the store will be able to process samples from several customers at the same time, keeping them around longer and increasing the chances of additional purchases.

We are not yet setting a fixed date for the release of “ReefBot Pro” to the market, but you can expect it to become commercially available during 2020. We will be releasing additional news the closer we get to the release date.

Monitor your tank’s parameters

ReefBot Pro uses reagent-based method to autonomously measure the levels of the parameters in your tank. It currently measures Alkalinity (Alk), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4), Nitrite (No2), Ammonia (NH3) with more parameters added regularly. The ReefBot Pro can test all these parameters sequentially.

Supports multiple test kits

ReefBot Pro is configured to work with reagent test kits available on the market from the following brands: Salifert, Elos, Red Sea, Geismann, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin and API. Changing kits is as simple as selecting a brand and parameter on the mobile and web application.

Tests multiple water sources

ReefBot Pro can test multiple water sources at the same time, as it contains 21 vials. This means that instead of having your staff manually test each customer’s water sample in turn, they would be able to test several different samples at the same time! As a result, your customer stops waiting for their turn and spends that time walking around your store instead while his sample is being tested.

Test your customer samples faster than before

ReefBot Pro’s uses an upgraded mechanical design that allows it to test your tank’s parameters and return the results even faster than the original ReefBot! Testing any parameter with the ReefBot Pro takes less than an hour.

Test all the parameters sequentially without manual intervention

ReefBot Pro’s 21 vials also mean that you can schedule the testing of all 7 parameters without having to manually intervene and change any of the vials, as 21 vials is more than enough to accommodate all the reagents and multiple water samples!

Controlled by Reef Kinetics Cloud Controller App

The ReefBot Pro is controlled from anywhere in the world through a mobile and web app with a simple interface to schedule and run tests, view all results and receive alerts when new test results are ready.

Easy Setup on any tank

The ReefBot Pro can be installed by placing the sample water inside a vial or on any tank by simply immersing the inlet tube in the tank and connecting two tubes to RODI and waste containers. It connects to the internet through any wifi or ethernet network.

More Information

Reef Kinetics

APP Developer Program

Orlando, Florida – Reef Kinetics is also glad to announce the launching of its first-ever Developer program, which will see the company make its APIs public to the developers selected to join the program. This move comes as a natural stepping stone in the evolution of Reef Kinetics and the industry at large.

By acquiring access to and building on Reef Kinetics’ APIs, developers will be able to design complimentary applications that further enhance value delivery to the end user.

The Reef Kinetics API Platform can be used to build non-automated, authentic, high-quality apps and services that:

  • Help individuals share their own content with 3rd party apps.
  • Integrate the Reef Kinetics app with 3rd party apps.
  • Provide access to:

-List of user tanks

-List of user devices

-List of device components

-List of available tests

-History of test results

-Consumption status. (Chemicals, RODI…)

And these are just during the first phase of the program. More features are on the way!

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