The ADE Project Homepage.

The ADE Project Homepage.


Atlanta, Georgia, October 22, 2018 – MASNA® is proud to announce that with our earnings from raffle contributions at MACNA 2018 for the grand prize Fiji Trip drawing, MASNA is donating $2,500 to the A.D.E. Project.

At MACNA 2018, MASNA operated a raffle program that MACNA attendees were able to enter through the purchase of raffle tickets at the event. Proceeds from tickets sold for the grand prize Fiji Trip that was drawn during the Saturday Night Banquet were set aside specifically to contribute back to this great program.

A.D.E. Project (pronounced “Aide Project”) is a non-profit organization registered in the U.S. and Fiji that enables coral reef conservation and restoration projects within Fiji and around the world. The focus of A.D.E. is to fund the training and capacity building efforts for local community reef restoration projects and assist in developing ways for future projects to become self-sufficient.

The A.D.E. Project promotes sustainable management and conservation of global marine ecosystems, develops Aquaculture and Mariculture for the protection of the environment, and contributes to rural communities through training and economic support. More information about A.D.E. Project can be found at

MASNA, its separate funds and programs, the A.D.E. Project, and other non-profit and educational organizations are always accepting additional donations. To learn more about marine programs that MASNA supports and to investigate programs to donate to, visit


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