Bula Buddies: The Mysterious Shadow, is the new richly-illustrated underwater fantasy/adventure childrens book from Walt Smith.

Bula Buddies: The Mysterious Shadow, is the new, richly-illustrated underwater fantasy/adventure children’s book from Walt Smith.

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Dear Friends of the Coral Reef,

Viti Village in Fiji is one of many underwater communities that stretch across the South Pacific. Their clan is referred to as the “Vanua.” The Vanua are very long-lived, some have special abilities that allow the communities to live safely in a sometimes dangerous and changing environment.

Once or twice a generation, there’s a teachers council called “The Great Learning.” Dolphins and whales spread the word across the Pacific and the community leaders decide who will attend.

They have noticed changes taking place to their environment and their leader, Simeon, has a pretty good idea what is going on and has a hunch how to fix it. You will meet many interesting characters from the village as they take on the challenge of mysterious forces. Share the adventure as our buddies take us on an underwater journey through the South Pacific looking for the perfect place to move their village.

Bula Buddies: The Mysterious Shadow (Book 1) is now available, and a 204-piece compatible puzzle is soon to follow. Book 2 is currently in production and will be available soon.

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Get Your Copy

Individual copies of Bula Buddies are available for purchase through the BulaBuddies.club store. Signed copies may be available. Readers can also join the free Bula Club.

Wholesale Ordering Information:
Bula Buddies has started shipping as of mid-August.

  • Each book is 32 fully-illustrated pages and measures 10” x 12”
  • Minimum order is 6 books; one full carton holds 48 books
  • Carton dims: 13” x 11” x 7” weight @ 28 lbs. / 12.7 Kgs
  • MSRP for Bula Buddies Book 1 is $15.98
  • Contact Debora Smith at (310)748-1952 or email Deb@bulabuddies.club for additional ordering information

Our website is live! Check us out: www.bulabuddies.club. Follow the Bula Buddies on Facebook and Instagram.

About the Author

Bula Buddies author Walt Smith

Bula Buddies author Walt Smith

Walt Smith has spent most of his adult life living and working on the coral reefs of the South Pacific with his wife Deborah and their two daughters, Kaelyn and Brittany. His passion to create awareness about the issues surrounding our aquatic environment to the young and old alike led him to create the world’s first commercial coral farm, which served the international aquarium trade and ecosystem as well.

Twenty years after the first coral farm was established, he created a non-profit organization called ADE (Aquaculture Development for the Environment), and a portion of the sales of his books and products will go to support ADE.

In 2004, he got the idea that if he could tell a story about little creatures who lived on the reefs he loved, they could help show the reader some of the problems they face. Now, after many years in development, he has finally finished his first book in the series, with many more in the works. He loves to sit and ponder ways to tell this story in an amusing way to young and old alike around the world. With four grown daughters and many grandchildren, it is no secret who his first readers will be.

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