The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission wants more educational displays about Pterois spp. lionfishes. Image: Bob Cox/FWC.

FWC Release
6 July 2018

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is launching a new program to inform the public about efforts to control the Pterois volitans and P. miles lionfish plague in state waters as well as to warn aquarium keepers about the dangers of releasing unwanted fish into the wild.

According to the FWC: “The 2018-19 Lionfish Educational Exhibit Program offers public facilities the opportunity to apply for financial assistance in creating educational exhibit displays about the lionfish invasion. The goal of the program is to increase awareness and ensure consistent, accurate messaging.

“Facilities with existing lionfish educational exhibits or an interest in creating one are encouraged to apply. Approved applicants may be eligible for up to $2,499 in assistance for the creation of educational displays about lionfish.

“To learn more and apply for the program, visit Applications will be accepted from now until March 29, 2019. We hope you will participate in this exciting program and help increase public awareness of the lionfish invasion.”

“More than 430,000 lionfish have been removed from Florida waters from 2014-2017,” according to Reef Rangers.

“Nonnative lionfish have successfully invaded Florida waters, which introduces a potential threat to native marine life and habitat. Harvest by recreational and commercial divers is currently the best means of controlling lionfish and minimizing unwanted ecological impacts.

“Be the predator and remove lionfish whenever you can!”

Visit the Reef Rangers Lionfish website for more information.


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