New Apex-Pods from Reef Nutrition

New Apex-Pods from Reef Nutrition

via Reef Nutrition

Apex-Pods™ – LIVE Apocyclops panamensis copepods – easy to use and culture!

Reef Nutrition’s new Apex-Pods™ (LIVE Apocyclops panamensis) are 100% aquacultured copepods that swim upwards with a stimulating, jerky motion which is attractive to both fish and people.

Apex-Pods™ are perfect for direct feeding, culturing, or stocking new tanks and refugiums. They are a great food source for finicky fish and invertebrates, such as mandarins, pipefish, anthias wrasses, SPS, LPS and soft corals, and other filter feeders (unlike other promising copepod species). No live algae are required to culture A. panamensis; Reef Nutrition’s RGcomplete™ or one of the other RotiGrow products are perfect for this animal.

An adult Apocyclops panamensis; image credit Reef Nutrition.

An adult Apocyclops panamensis; image credit Reef Nutrition.

Stage 1 Apocyclops panamensis nauplii are approximately 70 microns, and adults are approximately 600 to 700 microns. Apex-Pods™ bottles contain adult Apocyclops panamensis copepods, but you can call Reef Nutrition toll-free at 877-Seafarm (877-732-3276) if you would like to order Apocyclops panamensis nauplii.


Additional Information

Visit the Apocyclops panamensis product page at for more benefits and instructions on how these copepods can be utilized in your reef aquarium and fish breeding projects.

Download the Reef Nutrition Apocyclops panamensis Manual

Read the Aquaculture American Abstract from 2017 – Apocyclops panamensis – Developing a promising copepod for aquaculture.


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