Maricultured Acropora colony on an Indonesian coral farm, where all exports have been halted as a result of a government policy review imposed on May 4, 2018. Image: OhSurat/Shutterstock.

Latest Word from Bali: “A shock to the industry”

The stoppage of export shipments of all live corals from Indonesia that started on May 4th continues, with the country’s Fishery Ministry ordering the government Quarantine Authority to cease issuing health certificates for all corals, both wild-collected and farmed, and sea anemones.

One CORAL correspondent with long involvement with the Indonesian marine livestock trade sent this message from Indonesia:

“Concerning the corals issue, it has been a shock for the industry, as there was no warning prior to the issuance of the quarantine notification.

“So far, there has no justification from the Authority. However, we can assume that the reason behind this is to strengthen the mechanisms of surveillance and monitoring of the trade, and to review the process of quota establishment.

“Hopefully it will not take long for the Authority to have better management for coral trade in Indonesia.”

While some observers have described the situation as a minor bureaucrat tussle within the Indonesian government, others worry that a possible protracted hiatus in shipping will impact a large network of farmers, collectors, exporters, and their worldwide customers. However, some observers feel a clear set of guidelines from the government could be a positive move for the marine livestock trade, with a move toward sustainable, sanctioned harvests and exports.

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