The Klir roller-mat filter shown in place of a traditional sock filter.

The Klir roller-mat filter shown in place of a traditional sock filter.

Sock filters are a necessary evil; if you’ve dealt with them, you know that changing and cleaning them frequently can help reduce the nutrient load in your aquarium system. But too often, aquarists burn out on the chore of constantly swapping these filters out; either we wait until they clog, or we ultimately take them out and just never put them back in!

These are the reasons why roller mat–style filters are becoming one of the hot new technologies for reef aquarium keepers. Given the nutrient-reducing potential that mechanical filtration can offer, they could eliminate the task of swapping socks and bleaching them in your washing machine (to your spouse’s chagrin) for months at a time. And let’s be honest, it seems that anything which reduces the work of running a reef aquarium has a willing audience in the reef aquarium enthusiast.

There are a few emerging products on the market; one that holds promise is the Klir Filter Drop-In, a roller mat filter designed to be used in place of existing filter socks. CoralVue showed off an updated version of the patent-pending system at Reefapalooza earlier this month, and took the time to share the latest Klir designs with those who couldn’t make it to Florida.

Watch Jack Behar, inventor of the Klir Roller Mat Filter, discuss the latest improvements to this modernized mechanical filtration system:

For further information on the new drop-in style Klir roller mat filter, visit

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