New FragRecvoer and KoralRecover from Brightwell Aquatics

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How Brightwell Does Coral Recovery…

NEW FragRecover
All-natural coral frag dip for recovery of live coral frags and regeneration of cut coral tissue

  • All-natural herbal frag dip to accelerate coral recovery and growth after fragging.
  • Helps prevent disease transfer into the aquarium.
  • Reduces coral stress following fragging.
  • Stimulates regrowth of coral tissue that is needed due to fragment cutting.
  • Safe for all coral varieties: soft, LPS, and SPS.
  • Effective prophylactic treatment prior to adding frags into the aquarium.

NEW KoralRecover
All-natural coral remedy for the treatment of live corals and the regrowth of damaged coral tissue

  • All-natural herbal treatment for symptoms affecting live hard and soft corals in marine aquariums.
  • Treats a number of symptoms of coral disease such as RTN, STN, White Band, Black Band, Brown Jelly, and White Paste.
  • Boosts coral immune functions and increases resistance.
  • Stimulates regrowth of lost coral tissue that occurs due to disease, fragging, and/or stress.
  • Safe for all coral varieties, clams, anemones, sponges, invertebrates (including shrimp), and fish (including sharks, rays, gobies, seahorses, and eels). Also safe for calcareous and microalgae.
  • Will not adversely affect the biological filter as seen with antibiotic usage.
  • Does not discolor the aquarium water or alter water parameters.


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