A mind-blowing Zoanthid Garden from Joshporksandwich Zoas.

A mind-blowing Zoanthid Garden from Joshporksandwich Zoas.

There isn’t much that needs to be said here: the name “Joshporksandwich” (the online alias of Josue Matias), has become synonymous for his fans with his obsession with Zoanthids over the years, and there’s never been a shortage of polyp eye candy coming from Matias’ cameras.

But this latest installment is a showstopper. If you’ve shrugged off Zoanthidmania, these two recently published videos will have you demanding spousal support for a zoanthid tank…that you’ll be setting up tomorrow.

The first video features Joshporksandwich’s latest “Zoanthid Garden” under full-spectrum AI Hydra lighting; the second installment is “blues only.”

Enjoy, but perhaps cover your keyboard with plastic wrap so your drool doesn’t short things out.

See more from Joshporksandwich on their Facebook page.

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