Florida's Lionfish Removal and Awarness day is May 20, 2017.

Florida’s Lionfish Removal and Awarness day is May 20, 2017.

The Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) announced their 2017 Lionfish Calcutta, a lionfish derby held to remove as many of the invasive Pterois volitans as possible in one day.  They also shared a striking video of lionfish hunting (not for the squeamish or lionfish lovers).

via Florida Skin Divers Association

In conjunction with Florida’s Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day, The FSDA will host the 2017 Lionfish Calcutta (a “calcutta” being a vintage term for a competition with prizes awarded). The event will be held on May 20, 2017. Spearing may commence at 7:00 AM on May 20th and participants must be back to the weigh-in line by 5:00 PM on May 20th, at the Bellaire Boat Ramp. All entry fees for this event will be distributed to the top three teams, largest lionfish and smallest lionfish winners.

This is a team event. Teams can consist of 1 – 4 divers. Entry fee is $20 per person for Florida Skin Diver Association Members / $40 for non-FSDA members (will include 2017 FSDA membership).

Don’t forget about the Captain’s Meeting & Lionfish Awareness Seminar on May 18th, 2017.

If you have never harvested lionfish before, watch the video below. With the use of a polespear & Zookeeper, you never have to handle the lionfish. The less handling the less likely you will get punctured by the venomous spines.”

Sign up for the Lionfish Calcutta, and watch “Beautiful, Deadly and Delicious” now:

About The Video

“Beautiful, Deadly and Delicious” Underwater Lionfish Removal Video by Teresa Hattaway. This video was the 2nd Place Winner in the UW Lionfish Video category of 2016 FSDA State UW Photo & Video Contest. For more info on this contes: floridaskindivers.com/2016-fsda-florida-state-uw-photo.htm

Beautiful, deadly and delicious – lionfish are majestic and beautiful yet pose a deadly threat to our local marine ecology. They do however have a few positive attributes, they make great underwater video/ photo subjects and are delicious.”

Prizes Galore

Rewards for recreational and commercial participants include:

  • A commemorative coin to mark membership.
  • An event T-shirt.
  • Lionfish Hall of Fame recognition on the MyFWC.com website.
  • If qualified before July 26, the opportunity to take an additional spiny lobster per day during the 2017 sport season (July 26-27).

Participants may also qualify for additional prizes such as a reusable lionfish sting heat pack, customized neck gaiter, customized tumbler, and pole spear with grip kit.

The recreational and commercial harvesters who check in the most lionfish will be crowned Florida’s Lionfish King or Queen and Florida’s Commercial Champion and both will be recognized at the 2017 Lionfish Safari Sept. 10 in St. Petersburg.


For More Derby Options

With 5 Lionfish Removal Tournaments happening on May 20th alone, there’s plenty of options for you to get in the water and help remove these invasive fish! The full 2017 Lionfish Derby Calendar can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s website at http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/lionfish/events/

If you participate in one of these events, we’d love to hear more about it; tell us in the comments below!

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