CORAL Advance Preview Cover, Sept/Oct 2016. Chaetodon collare shoal © Mark Strickland /

CORAL Advance Preview Cover, Sept/Oct 2016. Chaetodon collare shoal © Mark Strickland /

“This could end up being the Golden Age of Marine Aquariums,” quipped one observer recently. “Our reef tanks are filling up with species that could never be kept before, were never seen before and were never bred in captivity before. What could be next?”

“How about Butterflyfishes?” suggests provocative and edgy Robert Fenner (author of the bestselling Conscientious Marine Aquarist) in the next CORAL.  Encompassing some of the most elegant and beautiful species of appropriate size for home aquaria, the family Chaetodontidae deserves more attention from reef aquarists willing to sharpen their husbandry skills and perfect methods of keeping these sometimes difficult fishes happy. Look for secrets of finding the hardy species as well as acclimating, feeding, socializing and attempting to breed others. As a field guide to the most important butterflies, this next issue is destined to become a CORAL Classic.

Also forthcoming:

  • Matt Pedersen is back with Coral Visions, a spectacular round up of the most interesting and eye-catching corals in the trade today
  • Dr. Andy Rhyne reports on the Rising Tide success in breeding Yasha Gobies, while Kevin Barden documents how the “Dory” Team at the University of Florida just succeeded in bringing 27 Pacific Blue Tangs through metamorphosis
  • Dr. Dieter Brockmann explores the basics of aquarium supplements to support and boost coral skeleton growth
  • Dr. Ronald Shimek offers a compelling Part II to his Dragon Watch investigations into methane and mass extinctions…
  • PLUS: ultimate reef diving at Wakatobi, a 600-gallon Euro reef aquarium project, choosing marine substrates….

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Materials Final Deadline for sponsors and contributors: Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Publication (On Sale) Date: September 6th, 2016

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