World's first image of a newly-settled Yasha Hase Goby, Stonogobiops yasha, as shared by Rising Tide on 3/20/2016. Image by Joe Szczebak!

World’s first image of a newly-settled Yasha Hase Goby, Stonogobiops yasha, as released by Rising Tide on 3/20/2016. Image by Joe Szczebak!

via Rising Tide Conservation – 3/20/2016

The team at Roger Williams University now have two Yasha goby cohorts becoming juveniles. The process started around day 30 with the larvae starting to settle on the tank walls and bottom as clear larvae.

Metamorphisis started around 35 with the majority completing metamorphisis by day 50. The oldest cohort is 100% through settlement/metamorphosis and the second oldest cohort (much more larvae) is just starting. There is some size variation at morphing, but most are around 1-1.5 cm. Here’s a 40 dph image.

Stay tuned for the glamour shots of the late development larvae & juveniles.

Nice job, Joe Szczebak!


UPDATE & Editor’s Note, 3/20/2016 – We quickly reached out to Dr. Andrew Rhyne at Roger Williams University / New England Aquarium to learn more. Dr. Rhyne relayed extreme pride in his team’s accomplishment, noting the contributions lead by Research Associate Joe Szczebak, with Lab Manager Brad Bourque, Research Assistant Allex Gourlay and the RWU larval crew (undergraduates Laura Anderson, Laura Daza Gaitan, and Anthony Stella) of which made this long-sought goal a reality. Rhyne noted,”We have built a solid platform at Roger Williams University over the past 7 years, and it’s exciting to plug new species into that system and watch them succeed.”

UPDATE 3/23/2015 – new details have been released on this project, including video footage.  Read more from the team at Roger Williams University here.

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