Click cover to order this back issue for your CORAL collection.

Click cover to order this back issue for your CORAL collection.


6 Letter From Europe by Daniel Knop
9 Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
10 Reef News
22 Rarities: CORAL staff report

30 Piscine Passels — Social fishes for the marine aquarium by Scott W. Michael
50 Bounce Rhodactis by Than Thein
60 It takes energy to bounce by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.
62 Survivalist Slime — Cyanobacteria: A marine aquarium reality and how to cope with it by Dr. Dieter Brockmann
72 Breeding the Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker by Michael J. Tuccinardi

81 A jeweled reef driven by the Italian sun by Danilo Ronchi

87 Reefkeeping 101: Live Rock, Part 5: Inhabitants of live rock: echinoderms by Daniel Knop, Azure Damselfish by Daniel Knop
95 Species Spotlight: Queen Angelfish by Daniel Knop
100 CORAL sources: Outstanding aquarium shops
102 Coralexicon: Technical terms that appear in this issue
104 Advanced Aquatics: The (ENDANGERED) Banggai Cardinal: A black eye for the aquarium trade by Ret Talbot
112 Advertiser Index
114 Reef Life: by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry P. Tackett

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