Excerpt from future CORAL Aquarium Portrait
by Than Thein

This video above is from my friend Nathan Gist’s tank, which is a custom-built 200-gallon (760-L) that is 72″ long and 30″ wide.  (180 x 75 cm).

The lighting used is a combination of two types of LED lighting fixtures, an older model by Aquaillumination and a custom selection of LED’s in a Build My LED strip. That strip contains mostly cyan-colored lights.

The aquarium employs several different technologies to maintain water quality. The core filtration is a biopellet reactor and protein skimmer. The system also uses two dosing pumps to perform a continuous water change. One pump slowly extracts water from the aquarium while the other slowly deposits water from a reservoir of pre-made saltwater. Lastly, there is a second set of dosing pumps that administers two-part calcium and alkalinity additives to maintain water chemistry.

In the following video, we take a closer look at those systems that make the tank work.

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