MASNA's August, 2015, Membership Drive

MASNA’s August, 2015, Membership Drive


Marine Aquarium Societies of North America is the largest marine aquarium non-profit organization with members and marine clubs from across the world.

MACNA, (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) is right around the corner. The conference is full of the marine top speakers, vendors and exhibitors. This year, the conference is in Washington, D.C. September 4th to 6th. There are always thousands of attendees at this annual conference seeing the cutting edge of reef aquarium equipment, lighting, rare corals and fish.

Currently, MASNA is having a membership drive. For the month of August, our membership drive is being sponsored by one of the major companies in the reef world, AquaFx.

In August, when you join MASNA as a member, either as an individual or family, you will be entered into a drawing to win a Barracuda Glacial 100 glpd RO/Di unit, AquaFx has generously donated. MASNA would like to congratulate the winner of the July Membership Prize, an A150 Led Light donated by Kessil, Deborah Lawton, a member of Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society (OSRAS)!

Make sure to stop at the MASNA booth during the 2015 MACNA Event, September 4th – 6th in Washington, D.C. New and current members will receive a ticket for the Special MASNA Drawing on Sunday, September 6th. The prizes are donated by Kessil, Tunze ,Red Sea and Eshopps – A Red Sea reefer170, A Tunze 6040 pump, a Kessil 360A led light and a Eshopps S-120 protein skimmer. Don’t forget, you must be there to win!

MASNA will be donating $5.00 of each new and renewed membership to the Gary Meadows Reef Fund.

MASNA Live!!

The July 2015 episode, that you can listen to on iTunes or, featured Tal Sweet from Marine Breeders Initiative (MBI) that talked about the successful July MBI Workshop and Richard Ross, the winner of the Aquarist of The Year in 2014 and what he has done since winning the award. You can also find it on the MASNA website at: http://www.

Aquarist of the Year

Each year at the annual MACNA conference, MASNA presents an award to the person who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the marine aquarium hobby. This person is nominated by marine aquarium hobbyists around the world.

MASNA Student Scholarship Program

The Student Scholarship Program consists of marine science scholarships that are awarded to students pursuing a undergraduate and graduate degree program at an accredited college or university in North America. Two marine science scholarships will be offered. Selection will be based upon the student’s academic history and the student’s contributions and demonstrated commitment to the marine aquarium hobby. The scholarships will be awarded at the MACNA conference. This program is sponsored by Ecotech Marine, Live Aquaria and Seachem.

Join us now, and help in the true growth of the marine aquarium hobby.

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