Purple Montipora. Image by Than Thein/www.tidalgardens.com

Purple Montipora. Image by Than Thein/www.tidalgardens.com

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Montipora ****

Seriatopora ***

Stylophora **

Pocillopora **

Pavona **

Turbinaria **

Cyphastrea **

[Chalice Corals] Echinophyllia, Mycedium, Echinopora **

Porites *

Leptoseris *

Acropora Half*

Best SPS CORALS by Species

“Corals that have been captive-grown for several generations prove a lot hardier then wild pieces.”
Roy Seine

“My various aquacultured Montipora have been easier to keep than many soft corals that most in the hobby consider to be ridiculously easy to grow.”

Montipora capricornis (Cap)
“Montipora caps are excellent beginner corals, don’t need much light, can handle mediocre water parameters and still grow fast.”
Oliver Van Moerbeke

Sunset Montipora

Elkhorn Montipora

Montipora millepora

Montipora confusa

Montipora undata

Montipora spongodes 

Montipora digitata

“Sunset Montipora will survive the worse tank crashes, but digitatas not so much.”

“My Digi grows like a weed and has survived many tank swings.”
Daniel Murray

Sunset Montipora

Rainbow Montipora


ORA Purple Stylophora

Stylophora milka

“i recommend starting with Montipora or Stylophora—Stylophora milka is a real survivor.”
Joakim Johansson 



Birds of Paradise (ORA)

Guttatus Birdsnest, Seriatopora guttatus

“I have a Birdsnest that grew from a 3/4″ frag to a huge colony in two years. The Montiporas also seem invulnerable…”
David Cohen


Pocillopora damicornis

Pocillopora by far my toughest coral. It self sows in the tank and will grow virtually anywhere…high light, low light, in and out of current. No problems with pests or tissue recession.”
Doug Carbine

“I have Pocillopora growing everywhere in my reef tank, on shells of live snails, even on my powerheads!”
Gene Boyer

Rainbow Pocillipora (ORA): I have left this coral on the floor for several hours and tossed it back into the tank in the sand bed and it was back and happy in an hour or two with full polyp extension. This coral also regularly spawns in captivity. This is the Kenya Tree Coral of the SPS world.
Seth Solomon 


Pavona frondifera (ORA Mint Pavona)



Echinopora, Echinophyllia, Oxypora, Cyphastrea

Sprung’s Stunner Chalice, Echinopora lamellosa 




Acropora yongei (Bali Green Slimer)

“Green Slimer is a good beginner Acro.”
Brent Hodson

Acropora valida (Tricolor Valida)

Tricolor valida is bombproof.”
Stephanie Thielemann

Acropora tenuis

Acropora lokani

“Cali Tort” Acropora

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