Name The Chalice (#namethechalice) results are in - You Named It and one of you WON IT!

Name The Chalice (#namethechalice) results are in – You Named It and one of you WON IT!

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our #NameTheChalice contest, sponsored by A&M Aquatics and CORAL Magazine. Readers helped generate more than 700 comments on the contest page, representing well over 1,000 individual, unique entries.

When we delivered the cleaned-up list of 1000+ names, Bill Backus of A&M Aquatics responded, “Judging by the entries a lot of people had a good time with this. I have been watching it and watching the names and now we have a fun job going through a heck of a list!”

It’s fair to say that the deep list of names gave the crew at A&M quite the challenge in picking a winner. “We spent most of the day yesterday debating the best name,” wrote Brian Wagner. Brian furnished us with a finalist list earlier this week, and in the end, it came down to a tie-breaker at A&M to pick the winning name. The finalists included:

Chalice in Wonderlandsubmitted by Jason, then also Linda B. and Steve F.
Chalice Borealissubmitted by Teri
Mad Hatter Splattersubmitted by Curtis Ness
Neon Zebra Chalicesubmitted by David, then also Alex Embry and Rob Hitchner
Acid Dropsubmitted by Ellery
Watermelon Meltdownsubmitted by John N. Pulliam
A&M Hypnotic Chalicesubmitted by Ben
Celestial Explosionsubmitted by Tom Summers
Acid Zebrasubmitted by Scott M.
Firefly Chalicesubmitted by Curtis Ness

So, without further delay, we present our winner:

#namethechalice - Jason Mercado named it and he won it! Introducing A&M's Toxic Zebra Chalice!

#namethechalice – Jason Mercado named it and he won it! Introducing A&M’s Toxic Zebra Chalice!

Congratulations to Jason Mercado of New York for naming the new chalice coral A&M’s Toxic Zebra Chalice. Jason will have his choice of the Toxic Zebra Chalice frag or the CORAL Magazine subscription.

One more look at A&M's newly-named Toxic Zebra Chalice!

One more look at A&M’s newly-named Toxic Zebra Chalice.

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