Petco's planned aquisition of Drs. Foster & Smith, and with it, the business, have raised concerns among loyal customers.

Petco’s planned aquisition of Drs. Foster & Smith, and with it, the business, have raised concerns among loyal customers.

In a statement released November 20th, published on the website, Director and MASNA Aquarist of the Year, Kevin Kohen, responded to the negative public sentiments surrounding announcement of the planned Petco acquisition of Drs Foster & Smith (and thus, the highly respected division as well).

Kevin Kohen |

Kevin Kohen |


I would like to take a moment to respond and address some concerns posted in this thread.

Dr. Race Foster and Dr. Marty Smith have worked incredibly hard over the last 31 years, to build an incredibly successful business, which revolves around education, pet heath, and responsible pet ownership. The Petco mission is elevating the lives of animals and enhancing the connection people have with their pets, with a commitment to the highest standards of social responsibility, while continually striving to make things better for pets, people and the planet. Understanding each company’s mission and goals are very similar, we feel this partnership and synergy is going to be beneficial to animals, pet owners, and aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts alike.

I can assure everyone, my personal mission as the LiveAquaria Director is to take to an even higher level than ever before. The continued expansion of our Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life facility in Rhinelander Wisconsin, home of the Divers Den®, allows us to offer an even greater assortment of quality aquatic life shipped direct to your door.

Rest assured, Dr. Race Foster and I are not going anywhere, and will continue to operate Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies and as it’s business as usual. Both Race and I are incredibly excited for the future and what lies ahead.

Kindest Regards,
Kevin Kohen

Director of LiveAquaria
Drs. Foster and Smith

As we shared via press release on November 19th, 2014, the purchase of Drs. Foster & Smith is anticipated to be completed in early 2015.

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